Terms & Conditions

  1. Remington Partners Ltd is a company that provides a range of medical services. The consultant medical services that you receive will be provided by the company. The company will do its best to ensure that you are attended by the same physician for all your consultations, but this cannot be guaranteed.

  2. Prior to an initial consultation you will need to complete and sign a copy of the New Patient Registration Form which includes the terms of engagement between you and Remington Partners Ltd.  You will be provided with a copy at check in and this is in addition to any forms that the hospital will require you to complete on their behalf. Please also download a copy of our fees schedule and terms.

  3. Consultation fees will include the preparation of a letter/medical report and communication of results of investigations following a consultation.  Further reports and prolonged telephone consultations may attract additional fees, which are not as a rule covered by medical insurance policies.

  4. Most medical consultations are exempt from VAT but where the service provided is not VAT- exempt then VAT at 20% will be added to the fee charged.

  5. Invoices are payable in full within seven days of the date of the invoice.

  6. Reasonable additional time will be allowed for processing of claims by medical insurance companies, but if there is undue delay then you may be asked to settle the account directly and claim reimbursement from your insurer.  Will will provide you with a receipt.

  7. Where an insurance company declines to settle an account (partly or fully) we would appreciate prompt payment of the outstanding balance.  This most commonly occurs where you have an excess on your policy but occasionally a PMI company may decline to settle our bill because the treatment was not pre-authorised.

  8. In the case of overdue, unpaid or partly settled accounts a reminder will be sent periodically and we reserve the right to levy a £20.00 supplementary charge for all such correspondence subsequent to the initial reminder.

  9. We reserve the right to charge interest on any outstanding balance in accordance with the provisions of the Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

  10. If, due to failure to settle an account, it is deemed necessary to engage the services of a fee-collection agency then the additional costs of using this service (currently up to 50% of the original amount) will be added to the outstanding balance.

  11. Overseas visitors may be required to make a deposit in advance of the consultation.

  12. We have outsourced the generation of most of our invoices and the collection of payments  to Medical Billing and Collection of  Bell Lane Office Village, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont, Bucks HP6 6GL, tel: 01494 541865.