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There is rising demand for telephone & email advice. Often this is from, or relates to, individuals who are new to us. This type of specialist medical activity isn't recognised or remunerated by private medical insurers and till now it has not been included within out billing schedule. We now feel it is time to formalise and encourage this activity with the introduction of a new fee schedule. Remote consultations or case-reviews are suitable for: those who would like a quick overview of their medical problems; those for whom travelling to the clinic may be inconvenient; or for those who are uncertain that a face-to-face consultation is necessary. 

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  • 1. Outpatient & Domiciliary Consultations

    Initial Consultation

    Follow-up Consultation










    Download a copy of our consultation fees and terns and conditions here.

    Domiciliary consultations are charged as per consultations plus an additional £65

    Please also note:

    1. The fees charged equate to an hourly rate of £265 per hour plus an additional £65 for travel time within the local area for domiciliary consultations.

    2. The hourly rate covers the face-to-face time spent during the consultation plus time spent on additional associated administrative activities, such as preparation of letters, reviewing and interpreting results of investigations, and communicating results etc by telephone and email.

    3. We generally allow for face-to-face contact time of 30-40 minutes for new patients and 15-20 minutes for follow up consultations but this can usually be varied according to need. Consultations lasting more than 1 hour will be charged at a proportionately higher rate and so a very complex initial outpatient consultation would be charged at £310 and a very complex initial domiciliary consultation would be charged at £375.

    4. Additional charges may be made certain procedures performed during a consultation (e.g. electrocardiogram, spirometry, joint and soft tissue injections. This list is not comprehensive).

    5. An uplift of up to fifty percent may be made to the above consultation fees where a consultation takes place at an anti-social time, such as outside of 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday or on a Bank Holiday.

    6. A higher travel time charge may apply where the domiciliary consultation takes place outside of our normal catchment area (HA and WD23 postcodes).

    7. Where more than one individual are seen in the same domiciliary setting (e.g. a couple at home or more than one individual in a nursing home) then only one travel time charge will be applied and this will be shared between the individuals.

    8. The Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee up to the total cost of a short consultation where adequate (generally at least 24 hours) notice is not given.

    9. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details of additional charges that may be levied in the case of non-payment of invoices.

  • 2. Inpatient Treatment

    Inpatient fees will include:

    1. A fee for an initial assessment by the physician (unless admitted from the outpatient clinic) which will be within the range indicated for outpatient consultations.
    2. daily charge (per day or part of a day in hospital) which is generally in the range £65.00 to £165.00 (average £100.00) per day.
    3. There may be additional daily fees for severe acute illness requiring significantly greater medical input.
    4. There may also be additional charges for procedures such as joint injections etc.
    5. The daily fee covers: 24 hour clinical responsibility for the patient, usually at least one daily visit to assess the patient, telephone advice to nursing staff, telephone communication or meetings with relatives and provision of a medical report for the GP following discharge.
    6. Please see the Terms & Conditions section of this website for details of additional charges that may be levied in the case of non-payment of invoices.
    7. Please be aware that a number of PMI companies, including BUPA, are treating inpatient consultations as though they were outpatient consultations meaning that they deduct any payments made for these activities from your outpatient budget.  This may leave you with a shortfall that we will ask you to pay.  If this happens to you then please complain to your insurer who should be covering your inpatient costs in full.
  • 3. Expert Witness
    • All medico-legal and expert opinion work is charged at the rate of £250 per hour
    • The daily rate for attending a hearing is £1,750 and will be invoiced for payment prior to the hearing for the number of days reserved to attend.
    • If  the Expert is able to return to the office by 2pm, we will charge a half-day rate of £875.
    • Where instructed to prepare for and attend a meeting or hearing, and for whatever reason those instructions are revoked, the Expert reserves the right to make a cancellation charge.  This charge will be: 100% of the full amount where any cancellation is received by 10.00am on the day before attendance was required;  75% of the full amount where any cancellation is received by 10.00am 3 days before attendance was required; 50% of the full amount where any cancellation is received by 10.00am 7 days before attendance was required; 25% of the full amount where any cancellation is received by 10.00am 14 days before attendance was required; No charge will be made where any cancellation is received by 10.00am 28 days before attendance was required.
    • Travel time is chargeable at the standard hourly time charge as stated above.
    • The company is VAT registered (registration number: 126697679) and so Value Added Tax will be added to the fee for medico-legal work at the prevailing rate.
    • Invoices are payable on demand.
    • See terms & conditions
  • 4. Reports
    1. Completing non-standard insurance and other claim forms: from £50.00
    2. Completing form COP3 (Court of Protection): £175.00 (or consultation rate)
    3. Lasting Power of Attorney (LPOA) Certificate Provider - an important safeguard of the sytem which ensures that the donor fully understands the LPOA and is not being put under pressure to complete it: charged as per consultation rate.

    Please note:

    The company is VAT registered (registration number: 126697679) and so Value Added Tax will be added to the fee for medicolegal work and certain types of reports.

    HMRC guidance states that where the service (performed by health professionals) is principally aimed at the protection, maintenance or restoration of health of the person concerned, the supply is exempt. However, where a medical report is done solely to provide a third party with a necessary element for taking a decision for insurance or legal purposes, the supply is taxable at the standard rate.

    Medico-legal work, which includes work performed by doctors, such as medicals, reports and expert witness testimony for the judicial system is considered to be liable to VAT at the standard rate. This is the case even where the services supplied are for the purpose of the Family Courts and where the ultimate decision arrived at by the court may concern the well-being of an individual. This is because the principal purpose of the services supplied is to let the court to take a decision.

    Please see the Terms & Conditions section of this website for details of additional charges that may be levied in the case of non-payment of invoices.

Remote Consultations & Case Reviews

  • Our fee for case reviews together with telephone & e-mail consultations is £50 per 15 minute period (or part period). 
  • We do not charge for a brief initial exploratory telephone call or email exchange to determine the suitability of a remote case review / consultation.
  • We will generally ask you to send us background information prior to our remote consultation which could be by phone, email or a combination of the two.  We will usually require:
  1. A brief written summary of the main concerns, symptom or problems;
  2. A GP "patient summary" to includes details of past medical problems, investigation results and a medication list;
  3. A copy of relevant correspondence from other specialists etc.
  4. These can be posted, e-mailed or faxed.  See our contact page for details.

Please also note:

  1. Our charges will include the time spent reviewing the background information plus time spent communicating with you by telephone and/or email;
  2. We ask for payment from you in advance for this activity via PayPal or by bank transfer.
  3. Once we have received the background information from you, and ascertained the time likely to be required, will provide you with a fixed price and details of what this covers.
  4. With third-party remote consultations (such as a child on behalf of their parent) we will need evidence that this is being done with the consent of the individual in question.