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  • 1. Why have Aviva told me there will probably be a shortfall?

    This is part of the telephone operator's script which bears no relationship to the reality of the situation.

    Our fees are fair and reasonable and we virtually never have shortfalls other than due due excesses on a patient's policy.

    Please refer to our private medical insurance (PMI) section for full details.

  • 2. Aren't your fees expensive?

    No, we do not think our fees are competitive.

    We only use consultant physicians with a high level of experience and expertise.

    We get the vast majority of our referral by recommendation and so no reason to compete on price although we feel our charges are very reasonable.

    Our consultation fees appear to be around average for physicians and surgeons within the Greater London region, however we allocate significantly more time to consultations - usually 40 minutes for a new assessment. Many other specialities such as orthopaedics, ENT, ophthalmology and dermatology, will charge a similar or larger amount amount for a much shorter (maybe just 15 minute) consultation.  Other specialists will also charge for extras during consultations where as this would be very unusual for us.

    We are totally transparent about our fees and charges.  We publish our on our website which is very unusual in this industry.


  • 3. Have you got any advice to BUPA members?

    yes, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

    Please also see our PMI section.

    As with most private medical insurers you will need to call them to request pre-authorisation prior to a consultation (or soon after if urgent). They will need the GP to have referred you. David Lubel is a BUPA partner and so there shouldn't be shortfalls. His BUPA  provider number is 2843286.

    BUPA refuse to pay a single specialist for more than one treatment episode in a single day. This is irrational and unfair. It is a problem where, for example you are seen in clinic (new patient consultation) and then admitted straight to hospital. After charging a consultation fee we are then unable to charge for the first day of your admission and since (being a BUPA Consultant partner) Dr Lubel is not allowed to pass this cost onto the patient we are therefore forced to increase the outpatient consultation fee to compensate us for this.

    You really need to be aware of BUPA's ongoing tendency  to reclassify inpatient consultations as outpatient consultations.   For example if you are an inpatient and require a specialist opinion from a second a specialist  then this should be paid for in full from your impatient budget. You may however find that BUPA have treated this as an outpatient consultation and it will come out of your fixed outpatient budget (if you have one).

  • 4. How are you different from a GP?

    I am, a specialist general physician and a specialist in the medicine of old age. My nine years pre-consultant training focussed on general medicine and the medical subspecialties including geriatrics. In contrast General Practitioners (GPs) train for three or four years and need to cover a much wider range of specialties including paediatrics, obstetrics & gynaecology, general surgery as well as all the medical subspecialties. GPs look after the day to day medical needs of their patients and refer to specialist physicians like my self when they need assistance with the diagnosis and medical treatment of their patients.

  • 5. What are your interests outside of medicine?

    My main recreational interest is ceramics.  Over recent years I have been attending pottery courses, mainly at The Westminster Adult Education Service which based in Lisson Grove and I have a small pottery studio in my home in Ruislip.